• Luke Williams

The importance of servicing your residential garage door

Like most household things, your garage door requires maintenance to keep it in prime condition. Ideally, you should look at having your garage door serviced annually in order to get the most out of it.

You need to remember that the doors are really heavy, and if you ignore any warning signs that something is wrong, it could fall on you, a friend, your car or a family member and cause serious injury.

So don't ignore the warning signs, and don't take the risk. If your garage door is loud, off balance, has a broken or damaged spring, the door opener stops working, or is just not quite right get a professional in as soon as you can.

It could be an easy fix, that, if ignored could turn into a much bigger, more expensive, or even dangerous issue.

Garage doors do get damaged, driven into, and are subject to general wear and tear, so make sure you add this to the list of items you need to maintain around the house, and feel free to contact Garage and Roller Door Services today for all your garage and roller door needs!

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